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of course, there's only one song you'd ever need to listen to. simply because it's the best song ever written. ever heard of ally mcbeal? no, i bet calista flockhart has a terrible voice. but she too knows that everybody needs his/her personal theme song. mine was written by bob dylan. [read.] | [listen.] but sometimes that's not enough. so here's a list of twenty songs & albums that i listen to a lot at the moment - in no particular order.

sonic youth. "daydream nation".
lesley gore. "you don't own me".
young marble giants. "colossal youth & collected works".
tracy chapman. "talkin' bout a revoution".
the halo benders. "bomb shelter part 2"
robyn hitchcock. "so you think you're in love"
kelly willis. "can't take it with you".
manic street preachers. "if you tolerate this your children will be next".
the pastels. "nothing to be done".
plastic bertrand. "ca plane pour moi".
the sea and cake. "everybody".
suzanne vega. "luka".
the whitlams. "buy now pay later".
barracudas. "The world's a burn".
sportfreunde stiller. "ein kompliment".
television personalities. "that's what love is."
the cardigans. "i need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer".
billy bragg "a13 trunk road to the sea".
se sichelzecken. "was soll das sein, eine generation?"
the times. "Goodbye piccadilly".
past favorites:

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