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of course, there's only one song you'd ever need to listen to. simply because it's the best song ever written. ever heard of ally mcbeal? no, i bet calista flockhart has a terrible voice. but she too knows that everybody needs his/her personal theme song. mine was written by bob dylan. [read.] | [listen.] but sometimes that's not enough. so here's a list of twenty songs & albums that i listen to a lot at the moment - in no particular order.

nada surf "let go".
brendan benson "laplaco".
red hot chili peppers "by the way".
sleater-kinney "one beat".
patti smith "land".
the posies "when you dance i can really love".
sneeze "maybe mving in together wasn't such a good idea"
belle & sebastian "the boy with the arab strap".
slut "nothing will go wrong".
lambchop "ballad of el goodo".
the charlatans "tellin'stories"
the notwist "string".
orange humble band "annie run run run". readymade "the feeling modified".
paul westerberg "stereo".
ze malibu kids "sound it out".
billy coté & mary lorson "i don't want to fight tonight".
miles "structures vs. happiness".
piano magic "writers without homes".
the cure "charlotte sometimes".

past favorites:

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