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of course, there's only one song you'd ever need to listen to. simply because it's the best song ever written. ever heard of ally mcbeal? no, i bet calista flockhart has a terrible voice. but she too knows that everybody needs his/her personal theme song. mine was written by bob dylan. [read.] | [listen.] but sometimes that's not enough. so here's a list of twenty songs & albums that i listen to a lot at the moment - in no particular order.

the frank & walters "pathways"
boston "more than a feeling"
low "secret name"
mary lou lord "got no shadow"
the modern lovers "hospital"
tocotronic "k.o.o.k."
john strohm "vestavia"
bob dylan "i threw it all away"
belle & sebastian "tigermilk"
sand rubies "release the hounds"
the notwist "shrink"
luna "days of our nights"
james "crash"
damien jurado "departure for rehearsals"
superchunk "come pick me up"
madder rose "the love you save"
sportfreunde stiller "anders definieren"
readymade "snapshot poetry"
neil young "everybody knows this is nowhere"
ride "sunshine/nowhere to run"